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Just the one - he is a solo artist after all!

** Mixing up classic (Elton John) with contemporary (Jamie Cullum),

Will serves up a heady cocktail of award-winning powerpop

delivered with a juicy slice of soul & funk on top. **

Will Mak is a keyboard wielding solo artist singer/songwriter, who plays & sings like his life depends on it, creates soulful, passion-fuelled grooves, & wraps heartfelt, profound lyrics around them.

Will stamps his own distinct signature across his whole repertoire, kicking loose & singing live over backing track accompaniment on some tracks, whilst revelling in a pure live keys & vocals mash up on others.

Will’s been previously described as “Sting, Paul Carrack and Seal combined”. Will’s also been likened to Gavin DeGrawandMaroon 5 along the way, & his influences include soul supremo Bill Withers + the all round funkster legend that is Stevie Wonder.

Infused with classic singer/songwriter instincts, whilst influenced by the contemporary musical landscape, Will is well placed for charging ahead onto the frontline of this ever evolving internet music era.

Will Mak Promo headlines...

Sam Vernon from Biggleswade Chronicle wrote an album review of Will's debut album "Run This Race"


On the live front, Will's been busy clocking up the solo gigging miles whenever & wherever he can. 2009 saw him rattling off a song or 2 at open mics, doing festival slots, taking part in talent contests, & dipping his toes into full evening gigs in local & regional pubs, clubs & bars, with 2010 gradually moving more into the latter.

Meanwhile 2009/10 also saw Will enrolling on London-based artist development academy BGM's program for several months, covering songwriting + production, vocal/performance coaching, career advice, regular industry seminars, image/styling, a photo shoot, & a 2-song live performance at their showcase in the capital. All this has given him a solid base to build his future on.

2011 involved a re-brand from the artist formerly known as Will Makower to the stage name "Will Mak" for simplicity's sake, & saw his "soul attak" live bookings spanning right across the region, crossing Cambs, Beds, Bucks, Herts, Northants & Suffolk borders to date.

2012 was more of the same - getting out & about live across the region, building & nurturing the fanbase bit by bit, & spreading the word & building the buzz as much as possible. Meanwhile, Will's debut album "Run This Race" is available to stream in full for free & to buy online at http://willmakmusic.bandcamp.com

Will has:

* been writing songs since 1989

* been signed to indie label Carrera in the past

* had his own band Makower for 3 years

* won the Tomorrow's People Award for excellence in his field

* had his music described by The Boat Race as "soul/funk with a unique flavour...exceptionally polished...musically tight, accessible and soul-stirring”

* previously won the CCM/Gospel Category of international song contest UNISONG with the prodigal son-inspired anthem “As You Rush In”

* had it said of him by Adrian Phelan (music promoter & critic) “it's difficult to imagine you've ever heard better as you relish in Will's talent"

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